Pugachev protested that the First channel speculates on its behalf

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva was in the center of the deception, in which it drew the First channel. She was outraged that the producers are speculating on its behalf.


Pugachev was once again reminded everyone that she’s a few years ago declared the termination of concert activity. The decision on whether to resume the concerts, it did not take, so if the organizers announce that there will be a concert of Alla Pugacheva, it is cheating. It is possible that it will be one or two songs at the event, but to talk about the concert not worth it.

Recently, she drew attention to the fact that the First channel broadcast the speech of the stars in the festival Heat. However, the following Sunday should show a creative evening of Alla Pugacheva, which other pop stars will perform her songs. The concert itself is a diva, however, the announcement that this is her concert, not true.

On his page in the social network Pugachev called the actions of the First channel mess. After these words, followed by a management response of the channel. So as not to offend the performer, the announcement of the broadcast of the concert was changed, for which they received praise from the lips of a prima Donna.