Published correspondence of the wife of Andrey Arshavin with the model Olga Semenova – 24???

Model from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova received the message from Alice Catimini. The Network published correspondence with wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin, reports the telegram channel Life Shot.

Olga Semenova and Alice Kazmina

The model tried to justify himself and stated that he did not want to hug the athlete, but the wife of Russian footballer unwavering.

Correspondence of Alice Catimini and Olga Semenova

Olga Semenova said he feared for his life. According to the model, she promised to cut off his fingers. Semenov has prepared a statement to the Prosecutor about the threats from Alice.

In turn, Alice said that together with experts analyzed the video that recorded her husband with her. Video Arshavin and Semenov hug. According to Alice, Olga wants “to make money and become famous at the expense of others”.