Psychics Battle of the fittest season 7 episode 2 watch online 02.09.2017

September 2 in a show of Psychics Battle of the fittest season 7 episode 2 02.09.2017 to watch online shortly after the wedding the young wife became a widow. Why healthy and cheerful guy died? And how do you keep from taking the fatal step of his widow? This investigation will take three psychic Alexander Sheps, Ilona Novoselova and Nicole Smith.

Genre: mystery, reality shows
Age limit: 16+
Director(s): Fedor Thorstensen, Olga Schmid, Oleg Chaurs
Production: JSC “FMP Group”
Presenter(s): Michael Porechenkov (1-7 season), Marat Basharov (season 8 – present)
Country of origin: Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Language: Russian
Broadcast period: 25 February 2007

Battle of psychics – a mystical show which is devoted to human powers. Watch all broadcasts of the show on our online channel!
The participants have to prove their supernatural powers, passing difficult tests. The project experts each week to decide who from psychics is better than the others manifested themselves, and who should leave the show. Fixed lead and judge of the project is Pavel Kostitsyn. Watch now all the issues.