Psychic Victoria Raydos spoke about the future Buzova and Nyusha – 24???

Victoria Raydos involved in the TV show “Battle of psychics”, made a prediction about the future of some of the Russian stars. According to Victoria, in September, luck is on the side of those who want to get married, and November is an auspicious time to start business projects, writes StarHit.

The winner of the 16 season of the show “Battle of psychics” told me that this fall is going to work productively. The woman told media representatives that at the end of September will go to Omsk and Tyumen, where he will hold workshops and will also present the second book, which tell about how to survive the difficulties and come out of problematic situations.

Victoria Raydos, the winner of season 16 of the show “Battle of psychics” | who is Who

Told Raydos and the future of the personal life of prominent representatives of the Russian show-business. As noted clairvoyant, singer Nyusha waiting for harmony in marriage. Her Alliance with the social activist Igor Sivov will be strong.

But the popular singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova will be a long one. According to Raydos, a celebrity, anyone not looking, because “the pain that caused her ex-husband, is still alive.”