Psychic from “the battle of psychics” Jean Alibekov: “On the Hill I was left with good memories”

The man told about the affair with the TV presenter. Clairvoyant mystic popular show on TNT admitted that he is friends with many figures of show business. According to him, the thicket they need the sessions of psychics than others.

35-year-old father, 29-year-old sister Dana is the only participant of the 18th “the battle of psychics” who work in pairs. Alibekova originally from Kazakhstan. And if Jean has never hidden abilities, the girl preferred not to spread. In an interview with “StarHit” the clairvoyant told about the visits to the psychologist in his childhood, the divorce and dealing with my sons.

— Jean, you fell into the grave at a very young age…Then you came to the spirits for help, and since you began to “see.” Scared?When it happened, that particular fear has not experienced. I was young and thought the man and the woman who helped me get out of the pit ordinary people. Only with time I began to realize that they are indeed spirits, because apart from me no one has seen them.— What age realized that special?The wording was a little different. In school and kindergarten I’ve been called others. When communicated with the spirits, the adults thought it was imaginary friends. The fact that I am different from the others, began to realize ten years. And had seen its features, predicting the death of our neighbor. A few days before the sad event, I told him about it. When I found out at his funeral, I realized that I see and know more than others.— How it responded to the parents?The reaction for me was not very pleasant. But now I understand them. Dad wanted me to be like other children, ran around the yard, playing football. And mom wanted to well in school and studied painting. And all this time their child was talking to invisible friends. Of course, they were perplexed… One even took me to a psychiatrist to see if I was okay. When I went to the doctor’s office, they said to him: “For you girl. She smiles at you”. It turned out that she had a year ago, hanged himself daughter. The woman burst into tears with the words: “Your child is not in my profile”.— Dana long concealed the gift or just didn’t know about it?Naturally, she felt abilities, but hid them, tried to be like everyone else. The only person who always encouraged her and said that we need to accept who I was. Almost to this point she never talked to people about their fates. Dana worked, she’s a gynecologist. I guess I’m the person who once said, “Stop, you need to open up”.— How they work? Dana, basically, communicates with the spirits of children. But it all depends on the situation. There are several ways of obtaining information. For example, when we hear voices. This is the easiest way. Just pass what we are told. The second way is the communication with the souls, when you not only hear, but also see some pictures and transcribe them. And the third way – immersion in a trance when I turn in the mirror and see everything as if from outside.— What happens in your personal life? You said you divorced and have kids.Yes, I’m divorced. I have two boys. The eldest son Daniyar 14 years. And Madero 12 years. My ex wife and we have maintained friendly relations. Regularly call and interact with her and with the guys. And now I have no one in the first place work and commitment to spiritual growth.— Write about your affair with Masha Malinovskaya? Is this true? What kind of relationship you and her have a connection?Masha is a very good man. Yes, we were together. I respect her very much. At some point we were just need each other. Who of show business communicate?With a small number of people. Among them there are not just those who help. We’ve been friends. But can’t divulge their names.— How often do celebrities come to you for help?Quite often. Stars are always under the gun and is prone to power failures. They are more likely to need assistance than normal people.— Your sister is a gynecologist. And how do you earn a living?I love animals. I have dogs, cats, owl. Often help the homeless four-legged friends, participate in charity events. I have a dream to someday make happy all the animals and help them find the owners. I also write books. Already three out. The first is called “the Price” is a drama written on the events of real life. And recently finished working on a story about a boy with cerebral palsy, called “the Red tree”. Still write poetry. Love to travel to places of power. Traveled throughout Southeast Asia, was Africa, and South America. There I get new knowledge and energy. Generally everyone needs at least once a year to replenish reserves of energy. After all, we are all exposed to negative influence. And Dana is not working in the profession. We have business family clothing stores.— You have enemies after the start of the show? Often faced with aggression from others?I have probably never had enemies so they have to hate people. Neither I nor sister do not know how to do it. And when I ask the question: “How to destroy the foe?”, I always answer: “Just not to think about it.” Fortunately, we do not. And on the project “Battle of psychics” do not watch. Aggression also did not face. In social networks, of course, there are people who write offensive words, but try not to pay attention. How many people, so many opinions.— How children feel about your popularity?The children are absolutely calmly react, understand. They’re smart boys.