Protection of the blessed virgin: history and meaning of the holiday

Every year Christians celebrate the important Orthodox feast of the Intercession of the Holy virgin. The history and meaning of this holiday it is important to know to every believer.

Orthodox people celebrate the Holy virgin every year on 14 October. This holiday is equal to the number of the twelve great religious celebrations, and therefore is immutable and it is important for every believer. It is based on an event that strengthened them in their faith in God, his love and mercy Heaven. The holiday itself was adopted in the distant tenth century, but the ancient tradition strong to this day.

The story of the feast of the Holy virgin

Intercession of the Theotokos occupies a special place among all Orthodox holidays. He is in mid-October, when all nature is painted in gold and scarlet — the colors of the Kingdom of Heaven. Surprisingly, the basis for the formation of the festival went to the event not from the gospel. On memorial day we know from Greek sources that tell us about the life of Andrew the Holy Fool, an eyewitness to the miraculous appearance of the virgin at the call of many prayers, to read religious people.

In the year 910 in the city of Constantinople broke out a terrible war. Many historians believe that these events tell us about the war with the Muslims, who overtook the Byzantine people in the tenth century. The invasion of the enemies, the infidels each day claimed thousands of lives of righteous people. Coming close to the walls of Constantinople, the troops drove the faithful to a standstill. There was hope only for a miracle.

Believers gathered in the temple Valcharska. At the time of the vigil, a human caught sight of the miracle. The whole temple was lit up with bright light, and from Heaven, walking on air, came the virgin Mary, accompanied by angels and preachers John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. All the saints were dressed in white robes. Mary took off his cloak and covered her praying in a sign that all the pleas were heard and now the residents of the city under her patronage. On the same day, troops of the barbarians ceased the attack: for some unknown reason they left the city, while the outbreak of the storm destroyed all the ships of the infidels.

The Value Of The Intercession Of The Holy Virgin

Intercession of the Theotokos in Russia was established in the XII century. For unclear reasons, on the basis of the miraculous events that occurred in Byzantium, in Greece so beloved and revered by all Christians, the feast was not approved. Therefore, the Cover is the only Russian Orthodox celebration, carries great importance, a deep and mysterious meaning.

Undoubtedly, the story points to the inseparable connection of our people with virgin. Righteous people still cherish the memory of the events of centuries ago, not only as a historical incident, but also as living proof of the manifestation of mercy and compassion to the prayers of a sinner, but ran to the Holiness people. On this day we honor the Heavenly Queen, whose inexhaustible love covers us like a veil, from all troubles, sufferings and misfortunes. Remember those who died fighting for the faith, the Fatherland and the life of the righteous people. Also the tradition of the Church oblige the 14th of October to pray the world for every sinful soul who left this world.

Invisible but so clear and it gives people hope. The meaning of the holiday that are unable to cross the centuries and decades of atheism, still sanctifies the path of the believers. It was a special intercession of the Mother of God for the Christian people, and every praying soul. Her cover ever since extends over our heads, protecting and helping in moments of despair and grief.

This story was written a lot of icons. The iconography of the Cover in any of its variants depicts the triumph of the Church, all Christians rejoicing under the tutelage of the great Patron, who protects from all evil.

Intercession of the Theotokos — Orthodox the only festival based on historical events, which showed to the Christian people visible connections around the Cathedral the saints. Thanks to this holiday we can be sure that behind our backs is always the mother of God, which will answer every prayer, and will hide their protection from all harm and evil. We wish you good faith, be happy