Prokhor Chaliapin was planning to leave the monastery

Known for its romantic relationships, the singer Prokhor Chaliapin some time ago said that he plans to leave the monastery. Whether he was tired of the Affairs of the heart, whether from the hustle and bustle of the stage and the fans, the only way Prokhorov believes the rest .. in the monastery.

To avoid of pilgrimage for his fans in those most Holy places, Chaliapin breaks, which the monastery attracted to him. The fans Prochorus experience is not necessary – as a monk he is not going, as it has no plans to become a priest.
“I am only in the beginning of a long journey.. but do not mention, please, the name of the temple, I don’t want too much attention to this subject. I really think some time to live in the monastery. Too tired of the filth that pours on me from the TV screen” — said the actor told reporters.
The singer recalls that for the first time in the Church his mother led. It was the feast of the Holy Trinity, and Prokhorov brothers were delighted with the festive service. During the tour, the artist often comes to the local churches, where praying for the health of loved ones, candles. A lot about religion Chaliapin does not want to talk. believes that this topic is very personal.
“For the first time the idea to live in the cell came to my mind at Valdai. There is an incredible energy” — said Prokhorov told reporters.
Managed reporters and questioning the artist about his personal life. Openly, Chaliapin admitted that he had no permanent girl, but he is still in love.
“The media often write about my personal life. All so rapidly it is discussed, though I can’t do” — said Prokhorov. About his sweetheart he had to tell did not become, decided to wait, “when it gets serious”.

Source: https://dni.ru
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