Prokhor Chaliapin honest about the Botox and facelifts

Famous Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin deathly afraid of old age. 33 young people have already joined the cosmetology and tried to imagine some methods of rejuvenation, particularly with Botox and facelifts.

Prokhorov, like many of his colleagues, he spends his days traveling and touring, untimely diet, stress and the permanent lack of sleep can affect the appearance of the artist. Tall and slender, with snow-white smile and fresh – that’s how we see the artist, but only eat know what he is worth. In a recent interview, she spoke about anti-aging procedures being made to apprehend the fleeing youth.
“Of course, like many, I would like to stay young forever, that my profession requires, but, unfortunately, nature has its own laws, and they do not allow me to do this in a natural way. I have 33 years and need to start doing something for your beauty and health” — said Prokhorov.
Chaliapin-esteem is so low that he chooses his passions of older women, to their background to look like young?

Recall that Prokhorov was married to Larisa Kopenkina. Businesswoman was much older singer. During the divorce process, the artist stated that his marriage was originally a fiction, a deception of the public, for which each spouse was to receive a considerable fee. Four years, however, has not confirmed these words, saying only that she married for love.

Source: https://dni.ru
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