Prokhor Chaliapin began looking for a bride with the appearance of Anna Kalashnikova

While most men try to avoid to go to the registry office, Prokhor Chaliapin there rather seeks to. The contractor is not happy with his bachelor status and wants to get rid of it. The desire to become Chaliapin man and man is so great that he is even willing to take part in a new show called “Bride for Prokhorov”.

Chaliapin once said to Andrey Malakhov that he found him a suitable companion. Now, practically-based talk show “Let them talk” has launched a new project.

Its essence lies in finding worthy candidates for the heart of the singer. To compete for the enviable groom, and every girl need to send the original video, which demonstrate that she is the best candidate.

As mentioned earlier Prokhor, the future chosen, there are a number of requirements that are mandatory. Here we are talking about what the girl must have the appearance of Anna Kalashnikova, a decent income, love to folk songs and to be involved in the world of show business.

Source: instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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