Prokhor Chaliapin and Larissa Kopenkina has confessed his infidelities

34-year-old Prokhor Chaliapin and 62-year-old Larisa Kopenkina were previously married. Program Dmitry Shepelev “In fact,” they confessed his treasons, committed in marriage. The ex-wife decided to participate in the show and figure out the relationship. The couple passed the test on the lie detector and raskryli a lot of interesting facts. As it turned out, not only Prokhor Chaliapin made the mistake of staying in the marriage. Larissa Kopenkina was cheating in Kiev during the revolution. Former husband noticed her coming home late and harbored a grudge against his wife. The couple forgave past wrongs and apologized to each other for the caused sufferings.

Earlier it became known that Anna Kalashnikova pregnant Prokhor Chaliapin, staying married. The singer was going to marry the girl for the upcoming replenishment. Later, a DNA test found that the child was born from another person.