Private investigators report that found the eldest daughter of Janet Jackson

Western media reported that they were able to find the missing thread to an unknown daughter Janet Jackson, which she allegedly gave birth to after her divorce from first husband James Debarge. Now the sister of Michael Jackson is carrying his official firstborn, however, the former husband once again argues that somewhere the light goes on, their daughter Janet after birth, to foster care. This topic James Debargue procrastinate for many years, but Janet has not commented on this information, neither confirming nor denying it.

Kristine, daughter Debarge recently met with private investigator Jay Rosenzweig, who told her that he was on the trail of her missing sister.
“Your father has informed me that the missing daughter may name is Renee. And I think I found it” — the detective said the girl.
The woman he discovered, was born outside Los Angeles, and the detective thinks it’s needless to say.
“If a celebrity wants the world to know about the birth of a child, it goes beyond Los Angeles. So, certainly did the Janet Jackson” — sure detective.
Information about the fact that Janet still has an older daughter, told Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused in the death of her brother Michael Jackson.
“If someone could tell the truth, it was Dr. Murray. I’m starting to believe in the story of his father,” said Kristine. And we are stocking up on popcorn and wait.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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