Princess Diana sent Prince Charles a secret message on the wedding day. How she did it, moved you to tears!


A wedding is a special day for many reasons. It is not only your chance to celebrate the emergence of a new cell of society, but also the opportunity to become closer to your loved one. Couples try to use little details to make their day special. Here as it once did Princess Diana…

The late Princess Diana was a well known fact that using your clothing conveyed a secret message. Some of them, scientists were able to uncover only 30 years after her death!

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On the wedding day of lady Di wore a gorgeous low-heeled shoes. Their designed by Clive Shilton. Work lasted 6 months. They were covered 542 132 sequins and pearls. Of course, not everyone can afford the luxury. But a very nice detail that she added, can decorate your image all.

Especially for a Princess on the soles shoes were engraved the initials: D – her, her fiancé, Prince Charles.

Designer Shilton said: “no One has seen the soles, but for us this was an important detail that the shoes have become really fantastic.”

In addition, the Princess so worried that everything was fine, I chose shoes with low heel. Shilton explained: “Diana was a very shy, cute and young girl. She didn’t want to appear taller than Charles. Its rather big growth – 178 centimetres”.

About wedding dress Diana is still legendary, and it turns out that the most important part was the shoes! If you have also used secret messages in the clothes, please share this story. We are very curious!