Princess Beatrice was almost deprived eyes ed Sheeran

Facial trauma for ed Sheeran over the knighting of his colleagues James blunt.

Note that the dedication was a joke, and was made by the representative of the Royal family – Princess Beatrice.

According to The Telegraph, blunt joked that he would like to become sir James, and Beatrice pulled out a ceremonial sword, but, raising it, struck on the cheek, standing next to ed Sheeran.

If you look closely at the photo, which after a couple of minutes to make ed Sheeran, one can clearly see that this injury could be very serious. After all, according to eyewitnesses of the events, the blade was almost deprived of the musician’s eyes.

“Everyone was in shock, and Beatrice, of course, very upset. But ed has shown himself a true gentleman and told her that it is a pure accident,” — said the publication of The Sun one of the visitors of the party.

Sheeran even require stitches at the hospital. Then he wished to return to the party.


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Feedib

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