Prince’s house was full of drugs

For anybody not a secret that the Prince died from an overdose of drugs and that his house found these same drugs. But no one talked about the extent to which the legend of the music world absorbed this medicine.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, citing insiders close to the deceased artist, the people around Prince, just like law enforcement officers who conducted the search, was shocked at how much he kept drugs in his home.
Just a few days after the mysterious death of the singer, when the causes of his death were just guessing, the insider said that Prince was “eating painkillers like popcorn”. Now official sources say that in the house of artist in the Paisley Park were found thousands of tablets “Siplace”.
Even seasoned police officers were shocked by the sight.. of a suitcase, which was full of large and small bags, envelopes and boxes of pharmaceutical drugs type of Oxycodone and Percoset issued in the name of Peter Pastrana.
Recall that the body of the Prince was discovered in the Elevator of his recording Studio at Paisley Park, 21 APR 2016. He died from an accidental overdose of the painkillers.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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