Prince William was offended by Lady Gaga

Recently Prince William and American singer Lady Gaga has spoken on mental disorders in the framework of the campaign “it is okay to say.” Both spoke about the intimate moments and seemed to have arisen between them friendly relations. But it was only an illusion. The heir to the British throne was mad at the artist for what he called his mother Princess Diana “another dead blonde”.

Actually, we are talking about the song in 2013 “Princess Die”. Just William ever so not interested in the work of Lady Gaga. After hearing the disdain in the song, Prince just blew.
“William just freaked out. He screamed that she made him a fool. She seemed so understanding and caring, but it turned out to be a sham,” said a Royal insider.
In the song “Princess Die” Lady Gaga sings about is that the mother of William died in a car crash in Paris, and committed suicide after the accident. The Royal court will not sue the artist for the song four years ago, however, warm relations with princes Gaga can no longer rely.

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