Prince William spoke about how he was changed by the birth of children

Prince William, the future king of great Britain, spoke to reporters for CNN, where he told not his work or charity, but about family, especially how difficult he was to live after the birth of two children.

In the words of the Duke of Cambridge, a large part of the burden of childcare rests on the shoulders of Catherine, however, he also tries to take part in their upbringing: “My children I am changed. Of course, fatherhood has its pros and cons. But, overall, I was lucky! And all thanks to Catherine. I never had sisters, so with the advent of the girls I understand what it’s like to take care of the little Princess, especially one as active as ours. […]The birth of a child gave me a brand new emotion. Something I did not expect to experience. It took very little time, but I began to perceive many things quite differently”.

Prince William admitted that the most important quality that they Kate in raising children is love and concern for others.


Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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