Prince Harry spoke about losing his mother

Yesterday, one of the heirs to the British throne , Prince Harry attended a charity evening organized by the Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand. Last year he lost his wife, who died from cancer, leaving to the care of a widower with three children. Harry came to support and made a short, but very meaningful speech describing his personal experience of loss.

“No one should suffer alone. To suffer the loss of a loved one does not mean to show weakness. Weakness is to recognize the problem, but with no one to talk about it. Now I very much regret that for as many as 28 years have not talked about the death of my mother,” said the Prince.
Recall that at the time of the death of Princess Diana, her youngest son was only twelve years old. Since then, he has not publicly talked about it in the context of his brother and charity.

Source: http://graziamagazine.ru
Photo: http://graziamagazine.ru

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