Prince Harry has led an unusual rating

What ratings does not sum to the various editions of the end of the year. Today we had the opportunity to see yet another list – a ranking of the travelling celebrities.

As incredible as it may sound, but most of the rest of the world I traveled, the representative of the British Royal family, the man in recent months, the greatest attention is chained Prince Harry.

According to media reports, this year the monarch has visited the Caribbean, Nepal, Florida and etc. he had to overcome some 61.8 per thousand miles. More results boasts elder brother Prince Harry, Prince William. He drove a total of 43.7 thousand miles, visited in Canada, India, and Bhutan.

With virtually no formal visit was 2016 for Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently, the age of the monarch makes itself felt, because the duties that had previously been for her fixed, she lays on the shoulders of younger members of the family.

Recall now Her Highness is ill. The doctors worried for her health.

Source: ok-magazine.ru
Photo: ok-magazine.ru

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