Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton

Prince Harry and his canadian girlfriend Meghan Markle is caught in the lens of the paparazzi during his walks around London. Now we know that the famous lovers for the first time will be released, as a couple, in celebration of the wedding of Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, she is the wife of elder brother Harry, William and the mother of his children.

According to the British newspaper the Daily Star, taking his beloved to such an important event, Harry wants to emphasize and showcase your feelings and serious intentions toward Megan.
Pippa (Philippa) Middleton will marry your lover may 20, and all the relatives of her sister’s husband was also invited to the ceremony and subsequent Banquet. Prince Harry was originally not invited to one, and with its pair. Who knows, maybe soon James and Pippa take a walk on the wedding of Harry and Megan.
Insiders claim that the latter survive the honeymoon period and spicy love each other. In fact, they already live together. Megan had a few weeks of living with Harry, makes him eat and even cleans the house.
“Harry and Megan are crazy about each other, and he no longer wants to hide their romance and their feelings. Harry was always friendly with Pippa, so she knew about his feelings for the canadian actress. When it’s time to invite guests to the wedding, the bride had the foresight to invite his partner, and Harry is going to take his beloved to the wedding” — said the insider.
32-year-old heir to the British throne will not abandon his beloved only because he 35-year-old girlfriend had once “went to marry.” A part of the British, this fact is not happy, and they think a failed first marriage, the actress spot on her reputation, however, Harry believes that times are changing, and the Prince can choose a wife in his heart.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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