Prince Charles married Diana because of a misunderstanding with his father

Sally Bedell Smith, author of “Prince Charles: the Passions and paradoxes of incredible life” suggests that the wedding with lady Diana was an accident. Marriage, which came to light the current darlings of the British Prince Charles and Prince Harry, could not take place if Prince Charles differently interpreted the letter to his father Prince Philip.

In 1980 Charles started Dating Diana. Was chaste in this relationship or just gossip told to the husband of Queen Elizabeth II information about that nineteen-year-old Diana spent the night with their son.
In his book Smith said that Philip wrote a letter to Charles in which he said that he compromised his passion and her honor was hurt. He called his son to come to their senses continue to act more wisely. Charles took the advice of his father as a Directive for marriage. Soon it became known about the engagement of the Prince and Diana.

Confirms the above stated fact, and cousin of Charles Pamela Hicks.
“Charles read the letter as : “You have to get engaged”. But he wasn’t in love with her, he wasn’t ready to get married, but he saw in his father a terrible threat,” — said cousin.
Smith calls the son of Elizabeth “emotionally stunted”. The marriage of Charles and Diana was destined to be unhappy from the start. As you know, giving birth to two children, the Prince, the woman left him. As it became known the Prince for many years was cheating on her with his longtime sweetheart Camilla Parker-Bowles, now his wife.
The divorce of Charles and Diana was a dark stain on the reputation of the Royal Palace, and the subsequent death of the Princess became the reason for konspiralogichesky version, according to which the ex-wife of Charles specifically was killed, initiating the accident. Supposedly Diana knew too many secrets of the Royal Palace.

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