Presenter surprised by the unusual body art

On his page on the social network known host of “Revizorro” posted a pretty funny photo. 38-summer Elena Volatile before the lens appeared with bare shoulders, which are painted was her catchphrase. Under the photo she wrote: “I See Your dirty thoughts!”

On the body leading you can also read what house she doesn’t clean and just come to you.

Followers leading instantly reacted to the joke, and said that it is very cool and Lena is a cool girl.

I must say that even though Flying is not “Revizorro” for a year, she had decided to recall their past exploits. In Voronezh right during the master class on contemporary trends in journalism Fly were asked to check the city hospital. And, of course, Elena couldn’t deny myself this pleasure.

And the fact that the reporter saw at the hospital, she was plunged into a real shock. In the hospital reigned dirt with cockroaches, everywhere, there was mold, but also described the mattresses. On a scale, the patients rated the conditions of their detention in a “zero”.

Spontaneous check of the hospital was coming to an end, as there appeared the institution with the responsible persons from the health care. Officials immediately began to talk about the poor funding and the inability to fix anything. And about the hordes of cockroaches in the houses of important comrades all said that at five o’clock in insects was not, therefore, most likely, planted it, and it is necessary to understand.