Premiere of the new film by Martin Scorsese will be held in the Vatican

In January 2017 by the famous Director Martin Scorsese presents a film his new movie called “Silence”. It will be considered a world premiere, preceded by a private screening for the elite. The Vatican Scorsese will gather several hundred of the Jesuits, who were the first to see the film.

The presence of Martin Scorsese in this show have already been announced, but whether among the invited Pope Francis, it is not yet known. Why the Director decided to present his film to the audience in such an unusual way, he is not yet commented.

Note that in the scenario for the “Silence” on the novel by shusaku Andy. There are two main characters — two Jesuit priest (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) are subjected to violence and harassment during the journey to Japan, where they arrived to find his mentor (Liam Neeson) and to spread Christianity.

The first trailer appeared today in the Network. We offer you to evaluate it:

Source: intermedia.ru

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