Pregnant wringing call for an ambulance

Wait for first child for the popular singer Pelageya is not only great happiness, but also health problems. Several times, the neighbors recognized artist, she had an ambulance, and recently even frequent.

“From Poly to dizziness up to fainting! I think because summer this year is very muggy. Like and not hot sometimes, and I can’t breathe” — says a neighbor Pelagia Antonina.
Announced all-seeing neighbor that the singer is a frequent masseur.
“I’ll never know that he was there her massages, but she is at least two hours” — has told all Antonina. Pelageya’s husband, Ivan Telegin, according to neighbors, very caring, “every day bags drags”.
Recall that in late June, Pelagia married 24-year-old hockey player, Ivan Telegin, who for her sake abandoned his family and a small child.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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