“Pregnant tummy” Olga Rapunzel looks more clearly

However, at a time when she could have hinted to his followers on his “interesting position”, her husband “turned her guts”. According to Dima Dmitrenko, at the moment they are only ready to become parents, and most importantly, what they are doing at the moment, this visit ultrasound study of, the website life-dom2.su.

However, based on a random photo that made passers-by, Rapunzel is pregnant. At least, rounded tummy of a girl who is drawn at least 3 months, visible to the naked eye, and it’s clearly not excess weight.

“Yes, she’s not pregnant, recently the pictures of the stomach was not, and then suddenly appeared as though half of the time . It is specially putting something, she has been on this soil went to the roof” – questioned one of the spectators “House 2”.