Pregnant Mila kunis furious that demi Moore reaches into them with the Kutcher family

The second child of Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher have to be born from day to day. These days for a couple particularly exciting, but the feeling of joy evaporates because of the constant interference in the Affairs of family ex-wife Kutcher demi Moore.

It turns out that the star of “Ghosts” gives Ashton and Mila a rest, constantly name the actor on the phone a lot talking with him. The main topic to discuss former lovers, the upbringing of children. Moreover, Moore offers his assistance if Mile will be difficult to cope with two children at once.

According to close to kunis informants, it becomes crimson in color, when you hear the name demi Moore. Any attempt of the actress to tie friendly relations with the star of the film “Sex on friendship” be crowned with failure, and the offer to be friends Mila says: “I do not! We have our own family!”.

Demi’s not receding and a couple of free gifts, the last of which was a small rattle Tiffany & Co sterling silver. With the phrase “It was offensive!” Kunis sent the gift back. I wonder will you see demi that her participation in this family is totally inappropriate?

By the way, secular observers believe that such activity on the family Kutcher is linked to the recent breakup Moore with drummer Sean Friday. It is reported that demi is feeling very lonely and wants to be someone needs.


Source: kp.ru
Photo: woman.ru

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