Pregnant girlfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo flashed their appetizing forms

Very soon the girlfriend of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, 22-year-old model Georgina Rodriguez, bear him a child. According to reports in the Western press, a couple of will just of the birthday girl.

Georgina, even being pregnant, never ceases to show their curvy shape, laying in your “Instagram” bright and juicy pictures.

Subscribers Rodriguez brought in a real delight of a frame, made in Ibiza, where Georgina rest together with his family.

And model posted a photo where she is standing in a beautiful white dress on background of the sea and mountains and hugs the eldest son of Cristiano Ronaldo, 7-year-old Cristiano Jr. Under the photo Georgina touching said about the family of a football player. The model was written in Spanish that the best moments in our lives are those that occur very suddenly and with those with whom you want. It does not matter where, important with whom.

Note that the Rodriguez football player will give the girl, this will be the fourth child for a player. Cristiano his first two children birth to a surrogate mother. This, in addition to Cristiano Junior, and even three-month-old twins eve and MATEO.

Rumor has it that the four kids of a famous and successful football player to stay is not going to. He dreams of seven children. Because the number 7 Cristiano brings success not only on the football field but in everyday life.