Pregnant Anna Sedokova told about your bankruptcy

Anna Sedokova can be called probably one of the most outspoken stars of domestic show business. Former Viagra always actively communicates with his fans and tells them the secrets of his life. The secrets Anna shares on his page in Instagram. Recently Sedokova revealed another detail about myself. It turns out that after the divorce with the father of his second daughter Maxim Cherniavsky, Anna was on the verge of ruin.

“When I divorced my husband, I’m the last money took a huge house with a basketball court and a swimming pool, trampoline. $7500 per month rent in order to show their children the perfect mother and make them happy. Year payment of this house and my bills, despite daily work, was below zero. <…> It was clear to me: Anna is already bankrupt, and the beginning of the singer. — <…> I was told about a happy life in Los Angeles and a fairy tale, which actually then was the real hell. In my head the words of ex-relatives: “Yes, she’ll just waste it”. And they were right. Wasted in pursuit of imaginary ideal.”

To cope with the difficulties Anna helped cool head. Together with her daughters and Pets Sedokova moved into a small apartment and began a period of austerity.

“We used to watch cartoons on one TV and fell asleep, hugging each other under one blanket. But it would be correct to do so initially! To invest in the business, even put them at interest in the Bank. To be true, rather than to seem,” muses the singer.

Anna says initially it was hard for her to bankruptcy even to myself. When she finally pulled myself together and managed to find a way out and that is why she is doing well.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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