Pregnancy radically changed the appearance of Anastasia Lisovoy

Not so long ago, ex-member of “House 2” married and almost immediately told that soon will become a mother. And although at the moment it is not yet announced the gender of your baby pictures rounded belly she shares with great pleasure, and the fans never cease to reward her with compliments for the look, says the site life-dom2.su.

However, recent images from the stories of the former star of “House 2” can radically change the opinion of the followers. A frankly terrified that face pregnant of Anastasia was more like a pancake, but the cheekbones look like two bags. Moreover, fans have already noted that to know the girl in the video Anastasia was not so easy.

“Before was cute, but now the look and “outfit” is a horror,” “Tin, generally do not know it now” – said the fans of “House 2”.