Prayers to the virgin for marriage

Find love and have a family the dream of every woman. To approach this moment will help prayers to the MostHoly mother of God.

From the time ancient people believed in the power of prayer and asked the saints about getting what you want. If couples prayed mostly on children’s health and well-being, that young people wanted to quickly find a family. The Orthodox Church has always supported this desire, because it was believed that a peaceful life can be attained only by being a family man.

Believers often addressed with requests to the virgin Mary, because she believed that she was closest to God and can more quickly inform Him about their requests. Also the very mother of God was considered one of the patrons of the families, so she was asked about family well-being. Couples who could not have children, asked the mother of God soon to give them a child, and those who are not fortunate enough to find their family, asked about marriage. Many years have passed, but the believers still ask for help to the blessed virgin asking for a speedy marriage.

The prayers of the Mother of God about marriage

For many girls, the desire to marry is the most important one. Thoughts of a beautiful wedding, a caring husband and a happy family life often flashed in the minds of young persons, but the main problem remains — the absence of the groom. Its decision can become effective prayer to the virgin for her marriage

“Holy mother of God, hope, and protection of the faithful, patron of the Orthodox families! Help me, mother of God, my love to find, a family firm for a lifetime to gain. To my husband to death only loved me like a beloved wife adored me. Hear me, blessed virgin Mary, help me in my request. Amen!”.

The prayer should be read early in the morning, not getting out of bed. If you want your prayer to be heard rather refer to the most Holy Theotokos before the icon “the Unfading blossom”.

Prayer to the virgin for love and marriage

If you haven’t found love, but I wish to be not just lover but also a bride-to-be, this prayer will help you to meet a man who wants to spend with you all my life:

“Mother of God, patroness of families. Help me, the servant of God (name), your happiness to find, my love to meet. Help me, the servant of God (name), to find his family, married to become. Amen.”

If you say this prayer every night, soon it will help you to meet your future husband.

If beloved wife does not take

It happens that a woman loves a man and sees mutual feelings with him. However, for some reason he takes her as his wife or even avoids the topic of marriage. In this case, will the following prayer:

“The blessed virgin Mary, the patroness of families! Hear me and help me in my grief. Let the servant of God (name) soon to be wife will have me. Let his love to me, servant of God (name), will never pass. Virgin Mary, hear my prayer, dispel the doubt of the servant of God (name), my beloved, help me to be the only and beloved wife. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

To say a prayer at any time. At the time of reading the prayer, try to think about another human being.

If you have already found your love, keep feeling and warm family relationships will help you prayer for family happiness. Take care of yourself