Prayers for luck and money in 2018

Ask for help to a Higher power as often as possible in order to succeed and attain desired. Prayer will help you to achieve your goals and get rich in the near future.

Come the new 2018, and that means it’s time to change your life for the better. To bring good luck and wealth a dream of every man, but many don’t know how to do it quickly. In this case, you can request the help of the Saints, but be sure to do it sincerely, otherwise the result will disappoint you. The team dailyhoro.ru offers you effective prayers that will help you attract luck to their side and to improve the financial situation.

Prayer for good luck in 2018

Sometimes, to find happiness, people don’t have common luck. Due to his absence, our plans fall apart, even if we are trying to achieve their goals and put a lot of effort. We offer you a strong prayer for luck that will bring you the desired result.

“O heavenly King, the Lord Almighty, help me to be at the peak of happiness. Send me good luck, which will become a constant companion and will be with me all my life. Let each day brings me joy and new achievements, let them have I all that my heart desires. Amen.”

Read this prayer as often as possible in 2018, and then luck will always accompany you.

Prayer for money in 2018

Believers often turn to the Higher powers, especially if their main problem in life is unstable financial situation. To obtain wealth and increase your income use a simple but effective prayer for money.

“Lord God, I believe in Your generosity and Your endless possibilities. Give me your riches, help me to establish their financial situation. Deliver me from poverty, depriving me of the opportunity to live fully and in joy. Listen to my requests and help me. Amen.”

It is desirable to say a prayer every morning, as long as your financial situation will not improve.

In the New year each of us should try to change your life for the better. However, with the help of psychics you will be able to simplify the task, and then you will notice the changes at the beginning of the year. Wish you happiness and success in 2018,