Prayer “Three angels” — the most powerful amulet against the problems and troubles

Every word has a unique power and potential to change the world, especially if it is addressed to God. Prayer is one of the most powerful charms available to man.

Among all the human qualities, perhaps the most unbearable is the wrath and envy. They can radically change not only our thoughts but also our essence. To succumb to them or not, you decide, but for another person you choose is not entitled. And it’s very sad, especially if a loved one or a good friend begins to conspire behind your back, bringing with it trouble. Triple unpleasant to feel all this negativity on themselves.

It is a certain type of people, they are called energy vampires. Intentionally or not, but they steal life force, devastating your soul. After such communication is destroyed aura, the person becomes malleable and vulnerable, he loses the protection from negative effects. Letting times in my life flows viral, you become hostage to the problems that literally come from nowhere. But the protection is there, and it should not be forgotten. Prayer “Three angels” is the strongest charm, which, like the shield that will reflect you all the bad and unpleasant.

How to get rid of problems and troubles

Nobody is protected from emergency situations: sometimes it is necessary in order to understand mistakes, rethink their lives and take action to improve it. But sometimes in our sorrows is guilty not we ourselves, and our surroundings. To reflect all the unwanted changes or trouble possible and in your hands is a powerful weapon, knocking down any problem the word.

You may ask, do such things happen? Is it possible to protect his life only by means of spoken words? Of course, the prayer amulet is not a panacea for all ills, but at an early stage of establishing any trouble, originating in negative attitudes, thoughts or negative impact, it is possible to “turn off” problem so that it did not affect you.

Faced with the problems and taking them on yourself, be sure to say a prayer-amulet. This will help not only to forget about what happened and reflect, delete, zoom out all the negative. When you turn to God through saints or directly, know and believe that you will be helped. You are not alone, and miracles do happen regularly — every day, every hour. Just need to be able to listen, see and feel heart.

Prayer-amulet “Three angels”

It is known that each person has one guardian angel assigned by the Lord for protection. And according to some legends, guarding us from three angels — two heavenly and one earthly. Heaven guide us in the moments of birth and death, and the earth takes care of our lives. The power of the three angels, which we ignite prayer will become a shield, reflecting all the troubles and problems in which we are innocent.

Take three Church candles, light them, tune in to prayer. Release all thoughts that prevent you to hear the inner voice that comes from the heart. Go by yourselves, if circumstances so require. Turn to the Lord, tell all worries and gives you peace of mind. But do not wish anyone harm, even if you know from whom your life comes bile and negativity. You are the judge and executioner, and you do not punish someone encroached on someone else’s happiness.

Do not rush, relax, breathe deeply and calmly. You are going to read a prayer-amulet, the most powerful of all known. You will notice that if you read it regularly, after some time out of your life will start to leave the problem. At first it will be little trouble, then more ambitious. In the end, you will be protected from all negative. At a time when you were scared, when you embrace the anxious thoughts, bad feelings, whatever, you need to quietly say a prayer:

“Save Me, O God. Save, O God. You appointed me to three Angels, three Archangels, loyal defenders. And punish You to protect me, no offense to not give, from any adversity to protect, my happiness guard. So hear me, Angels, my Archangels, help your pray, with the disaster want to understand. Put a protective fence from earth to heaven, for which no one will be able to go. To stop being afraid I want any savage, bad languages, the evil eye, bad, disease, cruel, evil people and only evil that is on earth. I know behind your back — like a solid wall. Save and save God’s servant (your name), Angels. Protect me from morning till night. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Adversity can warn you that you have lost your way. And until you stop, everything will just get worse and worse. Take and rethink the situation. Think about what you get if you turn the other way and change the rules of the game, and that — if you remain in place. Experiment. Most likely, you will create your personal Law of Luck and prayer and a Higher Power will help you with this. Take care of yourself, be happy