Prayer guardian angel for all occasions

Guardian angels, invisibly present in the life of every person. In severe situations, when we need support, we can turn to him with prayers to get the support and patronage of the Heavenly powers.

Angels often make themselves known by sending us signs. They can appear in dreams and give us the answers to the questions. Get to know your defender, you can use the date of birth.

Angel is not that other, as a particle of the spirit of God, designed to protect the human soul, to help and guide on the right path, not allowing the devil’s machinations to possess the mind and lead to harmful actions. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use not only prayer, but also conspiracies appeal to the angels.

Prayer for protection

“God’s Holy angel, defender and protector of my soul. Save me before the works hard, roads far. Don’t let my enemies to do me evil and deception. Protect the way of all the negative that does not allow my soul to grow and develop according to God’s plan. Do not leave me in doubt and fear Yes take me from the power of evil, the evil eye and spoilage sends. Amen.”

A prayer for help

“Angel, Christ assigned to me, hear my desperate prayer, Yes I do not abhor my words sincere. Asking for your help and success in the Affairs of my earth. Keep my thoughts clean Yes don’t let greed and avarice to get the better of me. Help complete the projects conceived successfully and protect from the envious, ill-wishing me. Amen.”

Prayer for health

“Pray you, my defender, give me good health but forbid me from illnesses that my life threatening. Don’t let the disease into my body to enter, to break my will and spirit. Bring my sincere request to our Lord Almighty Yes samoli for me the sins that I repent. Amen.”

Prayer for good luck

“Angel, I pray thee, do not forsake me in the hour of doubt and timidity. Not asking for untold riches, not for personal gain I pray you. Do not leave me in my way to success and prosperity. Get out of the way for deeds pleasing to God Yes give me his grace. Amen.”

Prayer for love

“The messenger of God, designed to protect my soul, send me a sign, the true chosen one pointing. Don’t let me be deceived by the enchantments of love, save from the spell and any magic. Dwell in my heart love is true. Amen.”

Prayer on all occasions

“Holy angel, do not leave me, a sinful servant (name) before the devil’s temptations. Give me confidence in righteous deeds, give a helping hand in the hour of need, protect the life and health of my. Help spend the day in urgent cases blissful. Amen.”

Prayers to his angel you can pray at any time when you are overcome with doubt, sadness and sorrow. In the hour of joy will thank your patron for help and support.