Prayer for headaches St. John the Baptist

Headache — the new scourge of modern society. Every person is familiar with this unpleasant feeling of dull, throbbing or sharp pain in the head. In severe cases, when drugs powerless, to the aid of prayer.

In our time there is no person who once did not hurt the head. Headache almost always comes back with new strength, indicating that fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and other diseases. Even healthy people often suffer from headaches. The reasons are varied, but there is a universal solution — a prayer that will help to find grace and ambulance the great preacher John the Baptist.

How to recite prayer for a headache

Orthodox people make requests to different saints. From pain in the head often turn to John the Baptist. Prayers to the prophet are very effective and have strong healing properties. The Baptist of the Lord, was still alive, healed people from illnesses, particularly headaches. So St. John’s Christians pray for a speedy deliverance from the unbearable migraine.

Prayer for a headache, like all others, should be read sincerely and from the heart. The most important thing is to believe that prayer will help you to get rid of the disease. If you have the opportunity to visit the temple where the icon of John the Baptist, or you keep a Shrine in my house, it is better to pray before the image. If this is not possible, do not worry. Most importantly, the prayer was spoken correctly and sincerely.

Don’t forget that in prayer we should ask not only for yourself but for your loved ones. In most cases, headaches are inherited, so start with prayer requests for the health of your family: parents, children, sisters and brothers.

Before you start to pray, you must still go to the doctors. Sometimes headaches can be a symptom of more serious diseases. But most often pain in the head is not dangerous and is caused by external stimuli, so the sooner you get rid of it the better.

Prayers from pain in the head John the Baptist

The first prayer is widely known among the faithful, and for the most part with the help of her Orthodox people are turning to the Holy one:

“I worship you, o Holy John! Pray to the Heavenly King, our Lord! Please forgive my sins, mortals, for the hour of judgment, I will give my soul to Heaven. Pray, don’t let me lose heart. To thee only I appeal with prayers. Hear me and help me, for you’re in Heaven with the Lord. To you I request, do not leave me no attention, let my prayers be heard. Become a patron of mine, deliver me from disease. Cleanse my soul, my mind, my body, for I repent for their sins and ask forgiveness before the Lord. Praise thy name, o Holy Healer John, forever and ever. Amen.”

The second prayer is not less effective, but not as well known. John the Baptist will hear your requests and will help power of your faith. A sacred text should be read three times:

“I bow in prayer before thee, o John the Baptist! Pray, save my soul. Please help, o Holy Prophet! Pray to all the saints in heaven, o Theotokos, the Lord and His Son Jesus Christ! Oh, Saint John, please heal and deliver me from the pain. Thy name to praise, for thou art near to God and he has given you life in His Kingdom. I beg you, hear my requests and save me from the pain in my head and from all the infirmities that afflict my body and my soul. Forever and ever! Amen!”.

The third prayer to John the Baptist is very effective and helps even under severe and unbearable headache. It reads:

“Oh, John, The Great Baptist Son Of God, Jesus Christ! Read the prayer to you and ask you to absolve my soul, a sinner! Because I carried his cross and accept all the hardships on the way to the Gates of the Kingdom of heaven. Do not leave me without attention, and hear my cries and give me protection and healing from the pain of headaches and other ailments that settled in me! Forgive my sins of the earth, pray for me the Lord God and revive my soul, cleanse it from bad deeds, for I confess I! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Don’t forget that prayers will be effective only if the thoughts are pure. To say they need to be sincere, and most importantly, that you left the faith in your healing. We wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself, be happy