Praise brought down the anger on her ex-husband for the photograph of their daughter, caught in the net

Daughter of Mr Clement and Victoria Dayneko for two years, and the parents carefully concealed it from the public. Dayneko even for a long time did not say the name of the baby. As it turned out, there was good reason. According to the singer, she has many detractors who follow her in social networks and can cause harm to her daughter.

Dad Lida aware of the concerns ex-wife, but nevertheless, when he met with the daughter, then made her a picture together and posted it on Instagram. Subscribers Kleiman immediately suggested that if Victoria finds out about this, it would be a scandal. And they were right.

The act of a former husband brought the singer into a rage. Victoria wrote an angry post on Instagram, which explained he doesn’t want anyone else ever see the little finger of her daughter. And scolded ex-husband for the rash act. Several hours later Dmitry has deleted the photo with my daughter.