PR wanted to cash in on the star on “Inhabited island”

But Vasily Stepanov has denied cooperation with the agent

Seven years Vasily Stepanov led a reclusive lifestyle. This year, after a history of fall from the window, the name of the star of the blockbuster “the Inhabited island” appeared again in the headlines. After this he announced his intention to return to the film industry.

The other day a friend of the actor Dmitry Krasilov told reporters about how he became a victim of the intrigues of an imaginary PR agent, Sergei Rublev. Earlier by the representative Stepanova was his brother. But as an artist again became interested in show business, appeared Rublev with loud promises to make him a brilliant career “from scratch”, reports starhit.ru.

A few months after the conclusion of the contract, Vassily found out that his PR didn’t say anything about paying for interviews and shooting TV show, which was assigned to myself. After termination, the ruble is still calling the family Stepanova and requires a million rubles for the created for actor ofitsialnyi Sait.

But a little later, the journalists of “REN-TV” published a review of the Stepanova, refuting this news. The actor said that he knew the agent, but to him it is irrelevant. According to Zvezda, the position of his representative is still vacant.