Powerful mantras for each day: attract money, love and luck

To attract happiness and prosperity for everybody. The recitation of mantras is one of the oldest ways to become happier. As you read the mantra, a cosmic energy spills out of your life, freeing from negative programs and unhappiness.

If you think rich enough and happy to help the regular recitation of mantras. Their possibilities are limitless, because every word connects you with cosmic energy. At the moment of reading you become inseparable with the Higher powers. The universe is abundant notices for themselves, who need to send money, love and luck.

Most of the mantras are spoken aloud, sometimes even in a chorus, to make it easier to remember. Serious consideration should be given to the pronunciation of certain words, if you want to achieve good results. This practice does not give an instant effect, so you should be patient. Believe me, the result will exceed all your expectations.

How to operate mantra

Certain combinations of letters and words that must be spoken in sequence, affect the energy fields in our body, thereby attracting positive energy and attracting what you want.

To achieve the best effect, you should recite mantras daily for two weeks (sometimes longer). When you say a particular combination of words, you get an invisible connection with the Universe, which gradually opens its doors, contributing to the fulfillment of your desires.

The rule of reading mantras

It is best to recite mantras that will help attract desired, in the morning at dawn, preferably in a quiet secluded spot. The result was really necessary to utter ancient spells for fulfillment of your desires, the Lunar calendar of manicure”>referring to the lunar calendar: the most favorable for this growth phase of the moon.

For best results, before you proceed with the recitation of mantras should be located in the state of meditation. This will help you relax, focus on your inner world, dreams and visions that you want to accomplish in life. It is important that all negative thoughts are left outside. Plunging into a state of serenity, remember that a sincere belief in the achievement of the desired is able to do miracles.

Powerful mantras for wealth

If you want to become rich in short time, you will help mantras. They must be read daily and it is best to memorize. Handwritten mantra, put in a purse, works like a money talisman and brings enrichment to its owner.

First mantra. This mantra must be spoken no less than five minutes. Pronounce the words as clearly as possible and louder. The universe needs to hear in your voice the determination and assertiveness. Text:


The second mantra is for attract money God Geneshi. Indian God of wealth and abundance is designed to remove obstacles from the path of those who addresses to him. Words should be repeated three times. This mantra is for gaining wealth and prosperity is one of the best:

“Am SRIM-Cream-Klym-Klum-D-Ganapataye-Varo-Verado-Servo-Jean-Mae-Wasamania-Svaha”.

Powerful mantra to attract love

People, attracting love through spells and rituals, are missing one important detail: for the true and spiritual relationship with the object of your affection need the upper force, and not a simple awakening to the senses. When reading mantras for your personal happiness begins to fight the universe itself, which are unknown obstacles and blunders.

The first mantra is perfect for gaining a reverent, sincere feelings. It is recommended to speak with melody and very gently. To read rather than once a day. Words:

“Am Sry-Krishnaya-Govindaya-Kapitana-In-Labhya-Prefectures”.

The second mantra. It will help you to find happiness, joy and success in love Affairs. To family Union has been a haven of love, respect and care, should read this mantra:

“Mangalam-DISTO-Me, Makesure”.

Loudly and clearly pronounce the words, and at the end add:

“Give me happiness and love, Maheswara”.

The third mantra is the most powerful. It is designed to enhance the feelings of love, strengthening relationships, or recovery of past love. It is dangerous to read more than three times.

“Am-Sri Krishnaya-Prefectures”.

The mantra for gaining good luck

There are plenty of mantras which help to attract luck. They should speak confidently, clearly and loudly. It is important that you do believe in your success and then everything will be OK.

First mantra. This mantra has a powerful effect in gaining happiness, success and good luck. She read for ten minutes:

“Am Sry-Ramo-Jaya-Ramo-Jaya-Ramo”.

The second mantra. Another powerful mantra that contributes to the huge success and attracts happiness. It should be read every day for three months:

“Kour-Ro-ANK-Ho, Ho-Rebel-Nitai-Gaur-Nitai-Gaur-Horibal, Gopal-Govinda-Ramo-Madano-Maheno”.

Remember that you start this practice should be in a good mood and with positive thoughts. Don’t let negative emotions take you over the top. Enjoy each moment, and the recitation of mantras will help you to become even more wealthy, successful and surrounded by love man. We wish you success, be happy