Posner asks the organisers of TEFI to give up the name and statues of Orpheus

The presenter justified his position in an open letter

The ex-President of the Academy of Russian television (ART), TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, wrote an open letter to the Industrial Committee (IC) with a request to abandon the name all-Russian competition TEFI and use of statues of Orpheus by Ernst Neizvestny, which was established in 1994 on his initiative.

Before you sign a contract with ART by Unidentified asked who led at the time the organization Posner guarantees of democratic selection of the finalists. The presenter promised to the sculptor, otherwise everything will be done to the statue was not given. Unknown died in August 2016.

Then Posner reminded that in choosing the finalists was attended by all the members of the Academy. After the release of the NTV and VGTRK national competition actually has lost its meaning, said the former head of the organization. Since 2013, the award holds the IR, in the Korhogo included only seven founders. “Second, the drastically reduced number of professional categories, behind left a number of professions, without which it is simply not television,” writes Posner. Most importantly, according to him, now appointed the winner chooses the direction of the Committee “jury”. In this case, figurine, as well as the name of the competition, still remain the legal property of ART.