Polina Lobanova shocked by the antics of his sister

On a place of a skull it was my “sister”, not casual writing in quotes. For me it wasn’t a strong shock, because the man’s whole life has put a kink in my wheel. But the fact that it came at precisely the moment when the perimeter we had a loyal normal communication, she cried and told me that I was often near, wanted me to communicate more, what was she thinking, coming to the project and putting me down and out person? And it became absolutely clear why she came, she came for the PR. She was sure that after her dirty words, my team will be planting and survive, but it was not so, the team immediately saw the real face of the sisters, and began to condemn her, and I still just have supported and helped with advice, for which they thank you. To put up with my sister after such a thing I will never have, all my life was a compromise in order to avoid scandals. Do your family and forget about me forever.