Polina Lobanova regrets that believe Dima Talibov

I came to the project to Yaroslav, but on Calvary I noticed Dima and between us was clearly a spark, after Calvary, Dima immediately began to show a liking to me, first invited me to walk where we both realized that nice to each other. After coming into the house, I did not even have time to talk with Yaroslav, and he has quickly arranged a romantic. Sitting on the romance with Dima, we talked a lot, on different topics, Dima told me that he was madly in love, and he would try with me to build a relationship, we even went and looked for a vacant room in a clearing.
The next day, Dima in the morning, leaving from the glade, and I go all day talking about it, say that you miss, and the fact that when he was in the meadow I feel a lot more comfortable, Dima came in the late afternoon, and from the fact that he was very tired, he lay down to sleep. While he slept I gave him a romantic bath with foam, candles, and rose petals. Came to Dima, woke him up and we went out on a date, after sharing a bath we wanted to swim in the pool, went down in front of the pool and went to shower, there’s something we have and something magical happened.
Dima told me that we are a couple that he would protect me and defend, in General, very well hung me noodles on the ears, I believed him, I believed in his sincerity, his commitment and gave.

After all, we came to the house, and Dima with all the boys said that we’re not a couple that I’m not like that with me he didn’t want to build, that he just decided to prove to everyone that he’s still not gay. I’m in shock, my eyes Dima is very dropped, but still to Dima I feel a strong sympathy, and feelings.