Polina Gagarina frankly told him why she hid the pregnancy

My second pregnancy Polina Gagarina tried to hide from everyone, but her attempts were not crowned with success. As soon as the singer began to appear at various events in maritaliendo clothes, and her face appeared noticeable chubby cheeks, everything became clear. However, she was principled and not comment on what is happening in her family events.

A few days after the birth of a child, Gagarin decided on revelation and admitted that it with Dmitry Isakov family has a new baby girl MIA.

Now, when all cards are opened, Pauline told her fans why she was hiding and did not comment on his interesting position: “I wanted to spend a few important to me months in peace and quiet, because I and my husband, and my family, believe it is a very personal matter, which is not worth the extra time to advertise… During last pregnancy my photos in which I look fuller, used as advertising tools for weight loss all sorts of unscrupulous companies, in fact, not having anything to do with me. They lied to not only me, but people who believed this “advertising”.

We will remind, the baby girl was the second child for Polina. From Peter Kislov, the singer is the son of Andrew, who is now 9 years old.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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