Plump singer Maksim shocked fans

The Internet broadcasting “Nashe radio” fans of the singer Maksim was terrified appearance of the girl. Not gain weight even after pregnancy, the singer appeared in the Studio is clearly bloated and without makeup.

Fans of the singer Maksim unleashed a barrage of criticism from the artist because of its completeness. The occasion was her appearance in the air “Our radio”, which broadcast on the Internet.

Until recently, fans of Maksim worried that the singer is suffering from anorexia, as she was excessively thin. The Marina (real name Maksim) never was the owner of magnificent forms, and even during pregnancy has not gained extra weight. Recently, Mack was the guest of radio station “New radio”, where he appeared in a simple tracksuit without makeup. Parallel live on “the New radio” on his website was being broadcast, where the audience saw the rounded cheeks of the actress. Users in the review was surprised at the change in appearance of the singer.

Some of them thought that the person Maksim swollen, and some suggested that she abuses alcohol.

In fact, the doctors forbade Maksim temporarily to exercise, in addition, she ceased to follow a strict diet. According to the singer, she very quickly gaining weight, if not painting itself into a rigid framework.