Plots for 2018: for love, money and luck

We cannot cease to dream and hope for the best, especially now, when 2018 gives all the opportunity to improve their lives. To speed up this process, you can use an effective conspiracy.

New year — a wonderful holiday, filled with magic and wonders. New year’s eve all dream about, hidden under the battle chimes desires fulfilled. However, after the holidays, the miracle did not happen. It is known that the positive energy of the New year does not go unnoticed, and this energy charge can be directed in the right direction even after the holidays. Of course, the farther away from January 1, the weaker the potential plots, but the main thing — to catch good time when ceremonies will have a special power. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will tell you about how to attract love, money and luck in 2018.

Conspiracy money

All cash conspiracy love the energy of the growing moon. The time when the lunar disk is at the stage of growth, can be considered a good time to attract prosperity. The main principle that must be considered when conducting such ceremonies, is money attracts money. So you need to take care to always were bills or coins.

Efficient conspiracy, which, according to esoteric, help to attract prosperity in 2018, is as follows:

“Speak every bill, every coin refund back to me. Come back money, and bring your friends. No sooner said than done. The word on the castle.”

Don’t forget that you have to spend money with a smile on my face, so this plot will work best if it read, buying gifts. Your good mood and the way you painlessly say goodbye to the money, provide a financial inflow.

Love spell

“Love descends suddenly, when you least expect it…” — anyone familiar with these lines, and we are unable to disagree with them, but sometimes love has to wait too long. In 2018, each person will have a chance to counter feelings. However, in order to attract love, experts dailyhoro.ru I advise you to first make friends with other people, or at least keep good relations with them. The fact is that the symbol of the year, Yellow earth Dog — being kind, friendly and helpful. Do not take lightly to the feelings and relations, and then the patron Saint of 2018 will give you true love.

The plot should read when you’re ready to get their happiness. For the rite you will need a red scarf, which you wrap your shoulders, or tie that you want to tie on the neck. Sit at the table, which will stand seven candles. Six candles should be placed in a semi-circle and the seventh in the center. While the candles are lit, say in a low voice plot:

“One candle — a love of a lifetime, the other — the friendship of acquaintances, the third — a good attitude buddies, the fourth of strong feelings within the family, fifth — love, sixth burns for sympathy detractors, but seventh — for the love in any of its manifestations. Blow out the candles and love itself will provide. My word is tough.”

Conspiracy for good luck

Luck, perhaps, the most important thing in life, and for its involvement in the most ancient times was used charmed talismans. For 2018, this amulet is a figure of a dog, symbolizing the patron Saint of this year. But that’s not all you will need for the ritual. Stock is a candle of yellow wax, a handful of earth and coin a Golden color.

The ritual is performed only once in any morning and 2018. Place on the table all the necessary attributes in this order: first spread the earth above the earth put the dog next to her put a coin on the other hand, put a lighted candle. Make over all subjects a hut made of palms. Feel heat in the palms of your hands formed in a positive charge which is distributed all over the body. Read the plot:

“Now the luck is with me on the path of trouble is no more. To be successful every day, because fortune is with me in everything and everywhere. Talisman keeps my house and attracts success. Let the whole year, one lucky moment will pass, and around it will be heard only laughter of happiness”.

Blow out the candle and get her to a secluded place. A coin always carry with you, and figure the dogs can leave the house to bring to work or put in the car.

All the plots can be used in conjunction with each other. To tune into the ceremony, you can use affirmations for success or meditations on the Zodiac Sign. Rituals require a total immersion in the consciousness. The plot can be considered successful only in case, if you find harmony within yourself. We wish you good mood. Success for all