Plastic made Xenia Strizh similar to Sukachev

Recent photo a leading discuss on the Network

A guest on a recent edition of the evening program, Alla Dovlatova to “Russian radio” became a well – known television and radio host Ksenia Strizh. After the broadcast colleagues decided to do a photo op. With the shared Dovlatov in his Instagram. Most otkommentiroval frame followers expressed their surprise appearance, the 49-year-old swift.

Some felt that designed to rejuvenate your face treatments have made her look like Garik Sukachev. This summer, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary, Ksenia took part in the show “10 years younger”. The program was conducted by the leading surgical face lift and correction of double chin and the upper eyelid. Native teeth were replaced with implants, in the middle third of the face and lips were injected fillers.