Piers Morgan criticized an open letter to Jennifer aniston

For the most part of her life as Jennifer aniston have to answer the questions about children. In any relationship, which once was the star of “Friends”, she attributed the pregnancy. How hard was it to endure constant suspicion in the most interesting position Jen, it is difficult to assume. But, apparently, for so many years the Cup has accumulated to the top, and recently overflowed and aniston decided to write an appeal essay to the society, in particular to the press, which has denied rumors about her pregnancy and protested the treatment of women in modern society. Jen is sure that the media are strongly promoting the objectification of women and the cult of unattainable ideals in appearance.

Many took the letter to aniston as some sort of revelation and supported her in her fight against journalists but there were also those who accused her of fraud.

This person was, for example, the controversial journalist piers Morgan. According to Morgan’s complaint aniston that women demand too much, her look ridiculous because the actress herself has repeatedly participated in photo shoot, where she then was did not know: “There is another reason why the media objectivesyou and so taking careful notice of famous women,” wrote Morgan. And which little girls are so obsessed with beauty and their appearance. Here it is: famous women such as Jennifer aniston deliberately create the myth of “perfection” posing for endless magazine covers that zaporosheny so that sometimes stars become almost unrecognizable”.

Itself aniston new attacks journalist did not comment, but the friend Chrissy Teigen said Morgan, calling him a “piece of shit”, “Why do you always prefer to look like a piece of shit? – she was indignant. Especially women and people with a different skin color. Tell me, is it for hits? Please tell me you’re actually not as heinous. I think you are so bad just sell your soul for ratings. Although this is even sadder than if you actually believed in all his nonsense.”

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: thewrap.com

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