Photos of a pregnant Beyonce became the basis for Internet creativity

The loudest event of the last two days was the news that singer Beyonce is pregnant. The announcement of his interesting position star of stage, made in his Instagram, where he posted a photo with a rounded tummy. Since the publication of the picture, it “liked” more than 9 million users of the network, thereby setting a record. The previous record belonged to Selena Gomez.

A few hours later, after the publication of the picture, Beyonce in a Network the madness truly began: many users decided to parody the photo of the pregnant singer to grab a piece of its glory. Many it turned out very difficult.

In bolshinstve his parodied artist fat men wearing women’s bra and gently clasping his hands over his (most likely) the beer gut.

Some users not only parodied the very pregnant beyoncé, and made memes about her situation. Then we can meet and Kim Kardashia (which calls Kanye West and require to conceive triplets) and blue ivy(daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z), worried about what her legacy now will need to divide by three.


Source: elle.ua
Photo: elle.ua

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