Photo sleeping in the arms of the assumption and Vaenga has surprised fans of the singers – 24???

Popular singer Lubov Uspenskaya posted in Instagram the unexpected. In the photo she is shown in an embrace with Elena Vaenga. The “Queen of chanson” sleeping peacefully on Board the aircraft.

Lubov Uspenskaya and Elena Vaenga

Fans of artists EN masse began to joke about the new photo assumption and Vaenga. They noted that Elena has taken up a lot of space, asking his curvaceous Love. At the same time to the figure of the assumption no one had any complaints. Fans believe that in my 63 years, the singer looks very good.

Earlier Lyubov Uspenskaya was taking star photos boom, which regularly hosts artists in social networks, showing off her figure in skimpy outfits. In January 2017, she congratulated the fans with the Christmas spicy in swimsuit, do not hesitant to put their form on display.