Philip won a court Marouani

Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov continues to receive gifts in honor of their 50th anniversary, this time in the form of a won court with the French composer Didier Marouani. A foreigner accused by plagiarism, however, the court could not prove this.

The victory over Frenchman announced on his page on the social network Facebook Philip’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. In his post he calls the plaintiff a “Frenchman” and is unflattering spoke about the meeting.
“Moscow court finally sent away the last complaint of the Frenchman Marouani and his lawyer. Maybe they like when they… you know…” — he said and added that Didier just wanted to “cut the dough” and hired a free lawyer. As a result, foreign composir lost to domestic justice.
Philip at court session was not present, and learned about the win and all, from the social network. He thanked the lawyer for his work and stated that no doubt the professionalism of the lawyer, but Marouani advised to continue “not to gape at someone else”.
Earlier today, Phillip said in the program “First channel” that they proved in court his innocence and the fact that the song “Cruel love” was written by composer Oleg Popkov five years earlier than the Marouani wrote the song.
Recall that the litigation lasted from November of last year. Didier wanted to recover from Kirkorov 75 million rubles.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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