Philip has announced his retirement from the big show business

Almost on the eve of his fiftieth birthday , Philip said that is leaving a big show-business. This does not mean that he ends his musical career, it simply will now not be seen at social events.

“From the great show-business in terms of high-profile presentations and other things I’m leaving” said Philip Bedrosovich. While chroniclers were heard, the actor explained what it meant.
“I didn’t say that I’m leaving show business. I’m leaving all this fuss. I’m much more interested to do projects” said Philip.
We will remind that in April of this year, the singer will celebrate fifty years. On this occasion, he will play ten concerts at the Kremlin Palace organizes a great feast, to which will be invited at least a thousand guests.
Philip told reporters that the jubilee celebration and Banquet, which he will arrange in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants, have cost him a pretty penny, especially because the book is not saved neither in the bread nor the circuses.
“I wish that the tables were full, people ate well and listened to the music – I even ABBA was invited to sing there. I need to do this so that people rested, your trip – first two hours at one of my concerts, then at the Banquet,” Philip said and opened one of the secrets of the evening, Lubov Uspenskaya, a friend and colleague of the singer will perform for the guests a set of his favorite songs. In addition guests will find a huge number of surprises.

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