Philip financially responsible for the plagiarism

French composer and band leader Didier Marouani Space not so long ago said that Philip is plagiatchika.

Marouani accused the king of the national stage that he slightly altered his musical piece “Symphonic Space Dream” and presented to the public as the original song “Cruel love”.

He Kirkorov as his lawyer, Alexander Dobrovinsky, insisted that it cannot abinit plagiarism for the simple reason that the author of the song is not him. But Maruani this argument didn’t work and he still filed a lawsuit against the contractor claim damages from copyright infringement and compensation for moral work in the amount of 75 million rubles.

Today it became known that the parties agreed to peacefully settle this controversial question: “have Agreed to conclude a settlement agreement, the book recognizes the copyright infringement and pay compensation. On Wednesday, Didier Marouani and Philip Kirkorov will give a joint press conference where they will announce that there are no claims to each other”, — said the lawyer of French composer Igor Trunov.

What kind of “peace” the amount involved is not specified.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Ballynock

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