Philip answered Festering on his brazen statement that “time of the kings of pop passed”

It is no secret that the television time is coming to an end, and new stars are increasingly appearing on the Internet. If previously many had no doubt that the king of pop-pop — Philip Kirkorov, now young stars such sharks of show-business can easily challenge that, in fact, recently made notorious rapper Purulent.

We will remind that on everyone’s lips rap battle of the century: Oxxxymiron vs Purulent, and the recent battle Oxxxymiron and Disaster. This wave 11-October it became known that the 27-year-old Vyacheslav Machnow, he’s a rapper Purulent (Sonya Marmeladova, glory to the CPSU), is a member of the jury of the song contest “Success” on STS channel. In support news, the rapper said that the “kings of pop” has passed.